A little about our Trini mission…


Our aim is to connect and unite all people of Trinibagonian heritage worldwide and to share our culture with the world! We are advocates for all local Trinbagonian vendors and it is of the utmost importance to us that we provide opportunities for international exposure for them through our brand. 

We know how difficult it can be to gain access to local Trini snacks and ingredients, this is why we created My Trini Box. My Trini Box provides accessibility and convenience to everyone using the service.




How it all started

My Trini Box was co-founded by newlywed duo Che and Kelly French in June 2018. They are both born and raised Trinidadians who have a special place in their hearts for their country's traditions, culture and flavors.

Having both lived abroad during their college years, they have experienced first hand what it's like to be CRAVING home! From the food to the culture! There have been times when certain "Trini" dishes would come to mind but accessibility had always been an issue abroad. It was very difficult to gain access to local Trini ingredients and snacks; so they paved their own way. They created My Trini Box which eliminates the issues of lack of availability, convenience and accessibility. 

It's a monthly delivery of Trinidad and Tobago's culture and flavor in a box; a care package from home! 

The Frenches are strong believers in giving back to their home country, so part proceeds from My Trini Box  goes toward local charities to help the less fortunate.

Thank you for your continued support and your contribution!

We're happy to share in the love and culture of Trinidad & Tobago with you!


- The Frenches  xo