What to Really Expect for Trinidad Carnival! Part 1

What to Really Expect for Trinidad Carnival! Part 1

For those newbie Carnival lovers out there, I thought being one of the partially more experienced Carnival girls, I'd shed some light on what you can really expect during this period.

While it's all glitz n' glamz, sexy outfits and gym bodies, it's also PACE!

Pace, meaning there's a whole lot that will be going on in a very short space of time! So prepare yourselves, mind, body and spirit! Thank me later!

From the months of December to February/March (depending on which month Carnival falls into), there are non stop Carnival fetes/parties. I'm talking about  2, 3 or even 4 fetes in one weekend! If you have a crew (a group of friends who do not know the word "rest") you will more than likely be dragged to 3 out of 4 fetes per weekend! Good Luck! 

Prepare yourself for the following:

  1. Large crowds of drunken people
  2. Running people down for fete tickets
  3. Spending all yuh money on fete tickets 
  4. The hottest and fittest men and women crawling out of the woodwork (if you have a man/woman, keep them close! If you're single,well boy! have ah time!)
  5. Sleepless, party filled nights
  6. Hungover mornings
  7. Drunken people stepping on your feet
  8. Drunken people trying to thief ah wine (dance using groin/pelvic area in rhythm with the soca music ) 
  9. Drunken people pushing you (this is one of my pet peeves in a fete!)
  10. Drunken people trying to become your "friend"
  11. Drunken people trying to touch you inappropriately (get away quickly)
  12. Drunk friends refusing to leave the fete until the party is over and the cleaners are starting to clean up!
  13. Drunk friends wanting to go to another venue to continue the "lime"
  14. Breaking your Carnival Diet by drunkenly eating junk food at 5am after the fetes

Now, these are just a FEW things you can expect for Carnival!

There's no turning back now!

This is one experience you absolutely NEED to have!


Stay Tuned for Part 2 ... 

If there is anything I've missed, be sure to let me know!

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I enjoyed the read thank you very much

I enjoyed the read thank you very much.

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